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"Why do you use the word stuff so much?" -Peter Gurney

I have started a company with several co-workers from my old job. It's Kinesis CEM, LLC, a Customer Experience Management (CEM) company. We currently are focusing on doing Mystery Shopping, Surveys and Customer Service Consulting, and I gotta tell you, the group that we have put together really kicks butt. I've been developing a system called the FocalPoint, which is a premier tool for pushing data to various levels of an orginization through a web interface. If anyone is interested in it, drop me a line and I can set up a demo for you.
I believe that we've got a signifcant leg up on our competitors in several ways, not the least of which is that we have a dedicated full time programmer (me) who has a unique mix of knowledge of the research industry and top notch techinical skills. Anyway, I wanted to replace the 'I'm currently looking for a job' stuff, since I'm not anymore. :)

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